Brenda Boyd comments:
I remodeled and have bricks from approx. the 1970's from Brick & Tile Co. stamped on top V V V. What can you tell me about these and what they are worth?
I would appreciate any info.


  1. Hi Brenda,

    The three "V"s correspond to Vertigris Valley Vitrified ... Brick & Tile Co. [of] Neodesha, Kansas. I don't know much about their value as there seem to be a few at most of the brick swapmeets that are held at various places around the country each year, and they have been free for the taking. Now these swapmeets take place in the relm of brick collectors.
    Outside this relm, their value is speculative.

  2. Brenda--My wife and I also have remodeled with V V V bricks. We have used fireplace brick from an old cabin built in the 40's or 50's. The cabins flodded many times along the river edge. We have built a brick patio and walkway. We love the colors and the caracture of the brick . We live in South Dakota---Kent

    1. I have just moved into a house in Sioux city iowa and like as Sioux city is and was largely an industrial town I have found a brick hidden-almost- in between the wood beacons that support the stairs .......????must have been left behind from the railroads that were widely used in olden industrial times

  3. I actually have ones that have the V V V but also say Neodesha, KS below the letters. The stamping is raised rather than imbedded making them harder to read over the years of wear. I am in Phillipsburg, KS but I think I got the bricks from Beloit, KS where they had be used as part of a driveway.

  4. Found some buried in yard in DeWitt, Nebraska. Haven't figured out what they were placed there for yet. Seems to be a path of some sort. The house I just bought is 104 years old. Some other bricks are showing up as well that look a lot older.

  5. Brick patio made from them. In 1950' era home in Overland Park Kansas.