Porter National

Heather comments:
My dad had some old bricks in the basement of an old building that he owns. I recently pulled them out of the corner that they've been hiding in to clean them up and use them in construction of a bookshelf for myself. The bricks are blonde with the name Porter National engraved on the front. I have been trying to find out the history of them. I live in the Southwestern Pennsylvania area along the Monongahelia River. Have you ever heard of this company or do you know where I could start my search? Thanks! Heather


  1. In his work, "Brick Brands of the United States", Jim Graves lists Porter National as the trademark of "The Globe Brick Co " of Kenilworth, WV . I believe you described some street paving brick which are often found in distant localities from where they were made.

  2. I have several of these bricks. What is their value?