red brick , with an anchor

marilyn littmann said...
Found these bricks along the Croton River in Croton. Haverstraw Museum couldn't identify the makers. Maybe you can. Yellow, with an inverted diamond MAGIC MANUF'G CO. Red brick , with an anchor. Both have flat surfices.


  1. I haven't been able to find anything on "Magic Manufacturing ...."
    However, there was a MACK Manufacturing Co. located in New Cumberland.
    West Virginia
    that made a yellow street paving block that was quite popular in NY, and adjoining states. Mack commonly used a logo consisting of an outline of a 4-sided diamond with Mack (and other words) molded within the diamond.
    Because of the rough usage these brick are subject to, the logos may become marred, damaged and hard to read. See if this isn't the case with yours.
    If MAGIC is clearly visible, you have a rare brick.
    The red brick with the anchor logo is that of the former Anchor Brick Company of Croton, NY.

  2. I have come across an old brick (solid, no holes) with "A T & B Co. Little Rock" imprinted on it. Any idea of how old it is?