James M. Porter

John Curran comments:
Great website, and good clear pix. I am looking for any or all information about a yellow paving brick made by "James M. Porter." I am writing from Peekskill, New York the former home of brick collector Raymond Chase. I wonder where he is now, if still among the living?

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  1. Hi John,

    I'm sorry to say that Ray has "passed on". I would have liked to have met
    him but by the time I learned of him he had already moved to Oregon (I
    believe it was) and had donated his collection to the Museum of Building in
    Washinton, D.C. where a few of his bricks were on display.

    The James M. Porter Co. was located in Pittsburgh. Jim Graves, in his work -
    "Brick Manufacturers of the United States" indicates that James M. Porter
    was in business in 1903. The 1903 date represents a date that Porter was in
    business, but does not mean they began or ended manufacturing at that time.
    James M. Porter also made red pavers.