Harris Zanesville

Jennifer writes:
We found a brick it's inscription is 'Harris Zanesville.' I have a picture if you would like to see it. I have spent a lot of time looking for information on it but I am unable to find information on it. If you have any information on this or are familiar with this, I would appreciate the information. There are many more bricks out there but because of the overgrowth, we are unable to uncover them at this point. Thanks in advance for your help.


  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Your brick was made by the Harris Brick Co. of Zanesville, Ohio. Harris made a lot of street paving blocks, Jim Graves, in his work "Brick Manufacturers of the United States", indicates the Harris firm was in business in the period between 1897 - 1929.

    Fred Rieck

  2. William B Harris owned Harris Brick Company and built a home in Zanesville in 1863. (We bought the house 5 years ago-made of brick, btw)

  3. My name is Buddy, and I build bridges. I was digging up the street on Muskingum ave in Zanesville ohio, and dug up some brick, that had harris zanesville on them. I also dug up brick that had Townson ZO.

  4. I found a Harris Paver Zanesville O.today.
    It made it all the was to Pembroke MA. Still in great condition after being dug up. A full home of these babies must be great.

  5. In Columbus OH, there are Harris Paver bricks that line the walkway alongside the Kelton Trolley Barn on the corner of Oak and Kelton. (There are also Nelsonville Bricks too)

  6. Just built a driveway out of pavers from US 52 in Indiana Have several marked Harris Zanesville. Also have one from Poston Koblestone Block.

  7. I found a number of large empire D.P. yellow bricks on my property but they do not have any other writing on them, only the Empire D.P. I live in northern Alabama. Does anyone have an idea where they are made and if they have any value. They are in the area of an old home place.

  8. Hi...we are related to Patrick Lynch...we have a Lynch brick but am interested in acquiring another for my boys...could you suggest how? We also have a Malley brick. Related to them too.

    1. Ms Lynch,
      The LYNCH brick were manufactured near Kingston NY. If you are familiar with this city in NY State and would be in a position to pick them up along the Hudson River, I could supply more details.
      Fred R.