Jessica Hall writes:I recently found a pile of "Gardner" bricks in excellent condition. I live in Massachusetts and these seem to have come out of an old foundation. Just wondering if these are collectible and how would I link with people who collect them and might want them? I plan to keep some as they were found in Gardner, Ma. which is interesting. Thanks

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  1. Webmaster note:
    Jessica, I had similar thoughts when I started collecting bricks just a few years ago. That's why I started this web site: to help collectors learn more about their finds and link with others who might want to trade. Way, way back in these pages are comments from a Mike in Peekskill who is a rose gardener and for fun was looking for ROSE and GARDNER bricks! Type GARDNER in one of our Search boxes and you find all the pages with Gardner info. When you open a specific page, hit CTRL-F, type GARDNER in that box, and you will find the exact place(es) on that page where "Gardner" appears. If you want to contact someone who has posted here, use our Contact Form and we'll try to put you in touch.